In the ancient tuscan dialect this name means “starting a journey”, or “facing the path”, as well as “starting point”.

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DOC Riserva Morellino di Scansano


85% Sangiovese
15% Syrah


13,50 % VOL

This wine is the combinatio of Sangiovese (Morellino) and Syrah, expression of the meeting point of traditional and innovative varieties.

The colour is deep red, characterized by a strong scent of berries and spices; the tasting proves a harmony of sourness, elegance and tannic sweetness.

Diraspapigiatura seguita da 14-18 giorni di permanenza sulle bucce; dopo la svinatura opportuno affinamento per 12 mesi in barrique di rovere francese.

Vasche in acciaio inox.

Da bere dopo 5-6 mesi l’imbottigliamento.

Invecchiamento 6-8 anni.